💫 How to Create, Market and Sell 5-figure Transformational Coaching Programs with Integrity and Ease - NOW 90% OFF

Congratulations for stepping up for yourself and deciding to respect your gift and your work! I am celebrating your courage and dedication to living your purpose! 

8 Modules

MODULE 1 - Introduction and Workbook

Ultimatum None Of Us Want to Hear. 

​...I had to stop being a workaholic and make space for him and my 5 kids in my life... I had to take a reality check!


Are strangers more important than my family?

Am I suffering from a Martyr syndrome?

​Then I went from from selling myself too short to charging over $2,000/hr...                    

Watch what it took me to make such a dramatic change after 3 years of struggle and doubt...

MODULE 2 - Three Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make

MODULE 2 - Three Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make when They Are Trying to Sell High Ticket Coaching Programs.

Are you tired of "working on yourself" and your "money mindset"? Are you sick of overpromising and undercharging, but not seeing success with selling your coaching, healing, consulting programs?

 Research shows that creating a hype and lowering your prices just isn't enough, no matter what you learned from your latest marketing program. Instead, you must stay in integrity with your fees. Which we believe should be high, given the high value you provide for your clients. 

MODULE 3 - 3 Most Important Elements of a High Ticket Coaching Program

MODULE 3 - 3 Most Important Elements of a High Ticket Coaching Program.

Do you want to know how to charge premium without feeling like a fraud?

MODULE 4 - Create Your Own 5-Figure Coaching Program

Take out your workbook and follow my instructions to uplevel your coaching programs. 

MODULE 5 - Market Powerfully and Create a Marketing Plan for the Next Year

Learn how to convert people into your paying clients.

I will teach you exactly what to talk about in your videos to make sure that you are not working for 'likes', but actually have interested perfect clients reaching out to you. 

MODULE 6 - Sales

MODULE  6 - Sales.

You will learn how to powerfully propose and close 5- figure sales with integrity and ease.

With my method my clients are selling 5- and even 6-figure offers very soon after structuring the offer. No trickery or sales scripts involved! 

Takeaways and Questions​

Watch students takeaways and questions and ask your own questions in your group. 

Special Bonus Master Coach Kit

Master Coach Kit

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